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Register by March 14 for the early bird ratesGeneral Business/Community Rate: $35 ($45 after March 14, 2014)Sioux Center Chamber Member Rate: $25 ($45 after March 14, 2014)College Student Rate: $10 ($45 after March 14, 2014)Register Now

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3:30-4:15 PM: Block A Sessions1. Investing in the 21st CenturyPresented by Darrel Raih: First Vice President, Portfolio Manager and Trust Office, American Investment and TrustThe investing landscape is constantly evolving—from the days of stock picking to the use of mutual funds to the creation of ETF Portfolios. This session will give a historical look back to assist in building a proper perspective on investing in the 21st century.  Where are the real opportunities and how can we take advantage of them today?2. Budgeting, Stewardship, and Tips on Saving MoneyPresented by Jan Henryson: Director, Center for Financial EducationThis session will focus on tips for handling our finances and ways to save every day.3. Identity Theft and Document ProtectionPresented by Jason Ryan: President, PrimebankWere you or someone you know a victim of the Target Data Breach?  In today’s digital age it’s more important than ever to protect your confidential information.  Come learn about what caused the data breach at Target, what the financial industry is doing about it, what changes may be coming in the future, and what each of us can do to safeguard our personal information.4. Basics of LinkedInPresented by Dale Zevenbergen: Instructor of Business Administration, Dordt College4:30-5:15 PM: Block B Sessions1. Managing People: A Servant Leadership PerspectivePresented by Aric Van Voorst & John Elzinga: HR Manager & Facilitation Design Manager, Pizza Ranch Inc.The way we see people is intimately related to how we treat people. When you begin to see the people you serve from a servant’s eyes, you break through all the barriers found in many management structures. This session will demonstrate how leading people from a Servant Leader perspective will empower them to become their personal best.2. What is a Brand?Presented by David Griffith: Instructor of Business Administration, Dordt CollegeStrong brands help drive business success. Most everyone can recognize common brand names, but the concept of a brand goes far beyond a name or logo. This session will explore the concept of a brand, the planning behind a brand, and how brands are assessed for strengths and weaknesses.3. Healthcare and Your RetirementPresented by Eric Rankin: Edward Jones4. Diversify Your Teaching Portfolio (Free session for educators of grades 5-12)Presented by Scott Wolla from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. LouisAre you looking to diversify your teaching portfolio? Learn new content and also discover the many free teaching resources available from the St. Louis Fed. These include lesson plans, online modules, videos, interactive whiteboard applications, simulated chats, data tools, and current event lesson plans. If you would like to attend this session only, please email Erica.Vonk@dordt.edu.5:30-6:30 PM: Dinner & Keynote AddressThe Community StoryPresented by Mr. Hugh WeberLiving at the intersection of immersive experiences, community organizing, strategic messaging and network theory, Hugh Weber's energy and passion are focused on building a world-class network of individuals, organizations, communities and ideas that can accelerate individual innovation in the upper Midwest.Hugh serves as CEO for OTA-Pollen, as part of an innovative co-executive team. In this role, he leads organizational efforts focused on engagement, experience and external relationships. OTA-Pollen is a for-purpose organization focused on sparking regional transformation through creative connections and collisions in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.6:45-7:30 PM: Block C Sessions1. Is Planning (Including Financial Planning) a Waste of Time?Presented by Tom De Jong: Financial Planner, Money ConceptsTime and again, a plan, whether a business plan, financial plan, or personal goal plan (read: New Year's resolutions), yields no results.  Why is planning such a time-waster?  This session will dive into the difference between planning as a time-waster and planning as a positive change agent in life, both personally and professionally.2. The Unlimited Potential of Limited Liability CompaniesPresented by Amanda Bahena: Lawyer, Oostra, Bierma, Van Engen & Mouw PLCLimited Liability Companies (LLCs) are a newer, flexible type of business entity with wide-ranging benefits.  LLCs are useful tools for business formation and management, succession planning and estate planning.  This session discusses the formation and management of LLCs, facts for LLC members, and the benefits and creative applications of LLCs in a variety of areas.3. Discovering Your Community StoryPresented by Hugh Weber: Curator, Institute of PossibilityThis session will build upon Hugh Weber’s luncheon speech on “The Community Story.” Join him for Q&A and further thoughts on how to design, discover and distribute the authentic stories of your community for educating and engaging new people, business, and clients.7:45-8:30 PM: Block D Sessions1. Integrated Marketing CommunicationsPresented by Travis Olson & Kristi Gesink: President and Web Designer/Developer, Agency Two Twelve2. Estate PlanningPresented by Ethan Huizenga: Estate Planning Lawyer/Owner, The Huizenga Law Firm, P.C.Successful business transitions start with smart, goal-focused planning. This session will cover the basics —workable wills, terrific trusts, plural PoAs—and we'll touch on more advanced tools like irresistible ILITs, fantastic flips (FLPs) and fabulous flicks (FLLCs) all in the context of outcome-oriented planning.3. Internship Options for Businesses and StudentsPresented by Art Attema & Brandon Huisman: Business Department Chair & Director of Alumni and External Relations, Dordt CollegeThis session will introduce our new Career Development Center at Dordt College while fielding questions and ideas from the audience.  An overview of the college requirements for students and businesses who participate in an internship for credit at Dordt College will be covered.  In addition, we welcome ideas on how to make the internship process serve everyone better.4. Small Business Commercial InsurancePresented by Brad Van Bruggen: Partner, Van Bruggen-Wesselink Insurance

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014, at Dordt CollegeSessions open at 3:30 p.m. and last until 8:30. They will be held at various spaces in Dordt College's Campus Center. A free session for 5th-12th grade educators can be found in the 4:30 block.

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